Reading 2+ Books a Week

First of all, I wasn’t always like this, but when listening to Awesome with Alison’s podcast it lit the fire to start reading more. (p.s. if you want a fun, feel good, motivating podcast listen to hers, because you won’t stop laughing between this couple who feeds off eachothers energy)

How can read so many books, you have 3 kids, your working on your bachelors in busniess management, you work full time, and you do all these crazy activities?!?

This is the question that I am often asked about. Well there are 3 things that help me do this.

  1. Find something that is interesting to you. If you don’t want to read it, you wont. Flat out, I know I won’t read books that don’t interest me.
  2. Get Audio books to listen to in the car. On average people spend 25 minutes in the car a day…that is 152 hours a year!! Now that could be a lot of books
  3. Have a support team. Have other people that are reading a book, and create a group where you can each bring up points about what you are reading. I also use the Marco Polo App that we talk back and forth on that helps connect us even though we are in different time zones. Itunes  Google Play

If you want a lengthy version or to see some of my books that I am currently going through here is the video of my podcast.

Some of the books I am enjoying are

Acea and the Animal Kingdom Series by Kyle L. Shoop

Everyday a Friday by Joel Osteen

Rangers Apprentice Series by John Flanagan

Demonata Series by Darrin Shaw (my husband likes this one, but I was more of a fan of the Vampires Assistant)


Don’t jump straight into 2+ books a week start out with finding what is interesting for you. Then start with maybe 1 book every 2 weeks, then grow with time or even just stay at that rate…what ever works for you.

Comment below if you want some more books to dive into, if you have book suggestions, or if you have another adventure that is … Moral, Ethical, and Law Abiding, count me in.

Till next time, I am Kimberly Paige with Kim of All Trades.

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