Comic Con

Where do I even start with going to Salt Lake Comic Con 2017. I guess I can start from the beginning…

My husband of 8 years has a group of buddies that have been friends since Middle School. We call this group of friends the originals. Well, the wifes of the originals decided that yearly they would go to Comic Con and leave their husbands home with the kids. This year I decided to join, but I don’t think I realized the magnitude when I signed up.

Prepping for the Convention included getting the tickets, getting a hotel, figuring out your schedule, and creating cosplay. With tickets, the sooner you get them the cheaper you get. I got mine in May for the end of September Con, and got 40 dollars off plus a free t-shirt and lanyard. With hotels, they book up really fast. We finally booked at a place 4 blocks away (about a 20 minute walk) from the center, but it had free breakfast, wi-fi, and parking. Also, we had to figure out our schedule of which guests we wanted to go to their panel for and also if there was any vendors we wanted to stop by. Once we figured out our schedule we then wanted to figure out our group cosplay. Cosplay is wearing a costume for a character. For example at Halloween, Travis and I cosplayed as Team Rocket from Pokemon and our children were Pokemon. 3

After many back and forth suggestions we finally came up with our 3 cosplay days. Day 1 was Harry Potter Day, Day 2 was random (what ever we wanted), and Day 3 was genderbend of Disney Princes.

I would go into deeper amounts of what happens at Comic Con on here, but the podcast has it all. So here is a brief summary.

Memories are the best souvenir for experiences.

Comic Con

Media and People that brought me to Comic Con

The Origninal’s wifes who were all going. Plus one of my top 2 favorite actors of all time was going to be there… Dick VanDyke! I read his Biography which made me even more excited to go. Here is the youtube link for the question that I got to ask Dick, (and hint if you haven’t heard the podcast there is a celebrity that I didn’t realize was standing next to me).

What I learned


– you meet and interact with a lot of celebrities, which this made me a huge fan of Zac Levi’s. Once you see this excerpt from his panel you will realize why.

– you meet artists and vendors that you may not know about

– taking pictures with all the fun cosplay


– listening to inspiring panels


– expensive. Everything from vendors to food

– tired by the end of the day

– overlapping panels and cancelled guests

Overall Thoughts –

I will most likely go to Comic Con again, but I have learned some things that I would like to do to make my experience better. First of all, bring snacks to limit food buying. Secondly, Gold Membership is what you need or better. Lastly, I think I am going to volunteer so then I can in the future help with guiding celebrities and getting a better feel for the ins and outs of the convention.

Thank you for joining me today, and feel free to leave your comments on this post. I would love to hear what you have to say. Also, if you have any adventures or ideas that are Moral, Ethical, and Law Abiding, you can count me in. Till next time, I’m Kim of All Trades.

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