Movie Extra

Movie Extra

Today we are going to be talking about being a Movie Extra, which I have been in 3 films and 2 commercials to date. Before I get to that I have an update on my Troublesome Trio.

Allie who is 6 almost 7 is known as our creepy child. Have you ever seen a film where there is the little girl with the dark hair with the head hanging down? Imagine that but that the little girl is screaming and moaning. This is Allie with her sleep talking and walking. Well, this was just the start to her creepy things she says and does. I was in the back room of our house and the girls were hanging out with our friends in the front room. Allie then says to our friends, “mom put my friends in the wall” in a sad expression. Luckily we have friends that have a good sense of humor and asked me what she meant. Allie and I had been painting a bedroom at the Apartment complex, and I let her paint on the wall. She had drawn “friends” and then I had painted over them. You can imagine the relief on my friends faces when they heard the real story.

So there is a little update on my oldest who is a creeper.

Ok, so let’s get to the meat of the show…being a movie extra!

Media and People that brought me to being a Movie Extra –

When Travis and I were first married I was approached to audition for a talent agency. I went to audition and the conference room was packed with people trying for a spot in this agency. As for the audition, it went perfectly and they told me on the spot that they wanted me! Sadly, I found out that they were a Con Agency. Definition of a Con Agency – They make more from their Talent then they do from their talent getting a Job. I was to pay 500 dollars for a startup class, 300 for a photo shoot, and 500 for a class every 6 months to keep my membership. There was no way I could afford it, so I decided to do some investigating. I eventually found another agency that had me pay 100 for a headshot package which included photos to take to my jobs with my contact information on it, and then they would get any where from 3-5% of what I was paid from jobs. I then started up and got my first every Movie Extra job.

My first every movie was Mistletones with Tia Mowry from Sister Sister in it. Let me paint a picture for you, I was 3 months pregnant, in winter gear in April, in a crowded bar, singing Elvis’s Burning Love for 12 hours. Pure Bliss! I had so much fun meeting new people and I felt like the only downside was that I had Burning Love in my head for a month straight.

Movie Extra1

    Christmas Under Wraps (Doctor Holiday was the pre show title) with Candice Cameron. I loved Candice from Full House, and I now love her even more after filming with her. Here is what this set looked like. We were filming in July in Parkas, hats, scarves and gloves. You can imagine the sweat that was dripping down my face from that. In this day of filming we were doing all the scenes when we were walking down the street. I kept pace for the camera so that it made it easier for them to cut the film later. Meaning, that I had to walk the same pace the whole scene so that they knew where we were in the script. Since I was always right in front or right behind Candice we got to talk between scenes, and she is such a nice beautiful person… and yes she is super short. I am 5’8″ and I am squatting in this picture to give you perspective. I was told that I couldn’t film on the second day because they already got good shots of my face that day. I then put my glasses on, a hat and bundled up. I arrived at set and when the people I was joking with the previous day didn’t recognize me, I was in for a second day!

Blood and Oil was an extra that I was picked to be in, but they called me the night before and asked me to be a featured extra. As a featured extra I get paid 151 dollars for a 12 hour day of work. My title for my featured extra part was….wait for it… Hot Girl! I couldn’t stop laughing when ever they said ok, Hot Girls over here, or we need Hot Girls into makeup. With being featured you get more of the movie magic from getting dressed in their trailer of every piece of clothing you can think of, to getting your makeup and hair done in a trailer just like you see in the movies. Although this seems really fun, the fun stopped when the sun went down. Suddenly we are in these small outfits (imagine Coyote Ugly outfits) and it is now around 40-45 degrees outside. As a “Hot Girl” with long legs I got put into the opening scene of walking in front of the main people, and acting like it was a summer night. After a few hours of that I was ready to soak my feet and not even think about heels for a couple of weeks.

In Code of Honor with Steven Siegel I didn’t find out until after, that surprise…it was rated R. I never actually watched the movie but did fast forward so I could see the scene I was in. A bad thing about working this shoot, is that it was in a smokey bar, which meant that we were in a fog machined dark club all day…you can put 2 and 2 together. I then was sick the next week with congestion trying to get that awful smoke out of my lungs. In this scene there was a huge fight that broke out, and to see the breakdown of the show was fun. We had were we pretended to dance when no music was going, so that they could add the voices to the recording. There was also a lot of running from guns shooting, which made me feel like a little kid pretending that bad guys were after us.

My latest job was with Intel and LeBron James was in this. This guy is so tall that I could walk under his arm if he put it out straight and there would still be room! We were told at the beginning that we couldn’t say anything because it was a Superbowl commercial! Sadly, I watched the whole superbowl and the commercial didn’t come on. I found out that they ran into some hick ups that caused them to not be able to have it available for the superbowl. Guess being in a Superbowl Commercial isn’t checked off my bucket-list yet! This was fun because we would cheer in the stands and the director would yell, “1, 2, 3, FREEZE”! Everyone would freeze for about 30 seconds while the camera circled around. It was awkward at some times when you didn’t plan out your Freeze to well, but it made for some good laughs. I did love that I meet some really great people during this one though. We connected over social media and keep in contact. Those friendships are the best.

What I learned –

Pros –

– Seeing the behind the scenes

-Getting paid and given food

-Meeting new people



-Bad environment sometimes

-You need stuff to do in between, or it will get boring real fast

-You are a prop to the crew. you go where  you are told and stay they quietly

-Weather does not matter, you are shooting no matter what

Overal thoughts –

-I will do it again.

-I make more than it would be do drive down for 1 day of filming but if there was a              week—maybe, or a featured extra job.

-I catch up with friends now, who I have made through the different extra jobs.

But lastly – Memories are the best souvenir for experiences, and I definitely have gotten some fun souvenirs from being a movie extra.

Thank you for joining me today, and feel free to leave your comments on this post. I also have just recently been added to Itunes!! Ahhh! If you would rate me on Itunes that would help me out tremendously. And I would love to hear what you have to say. Also, if you have any adventures or ideas that are Moral, Ethical, and Law Abiding, you can count me in. Till next time, I’m Kim of All Trades.

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